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Who can order in the TÜV Rheinland Business Customer Online Shop?

The services offered in the TÜV Rheinland Business Customer Online Shop are aimed exclusively at business customers. An order by private individuals and end consumers is thus excluded. Thank you for your understanding.


What does the "legal limit" mean?

To protect the consumer, the use of certain chemicals is regulated by law. Along with this, corresponding legal limits for the use of substances are defined and regulated, the contents of which must not be exceeded.


What does "normal market value" mean?

The use of certain chemical substances is not regulated by law or, from the point of view of market participants or even consumer protection organizations, only inadequately regulated. As a result, common limits have generally been established in the market, which are used by material manufacturers and trading companies. Frequently, these commercially available limit values make higher demands than already existing legal limit values on their use.


What is a mixed sample?

As a rule, mixed samples are formed to shorten the throughput times or to reduce test costs. In a mixed sample, i.d.R. combined up to 3 compatible individual materials in one sample, mixed in equal proportions and jointly subjected to the respective chemical test. The number of materials to be mixed results from the methodological requirements. In the case of mixed sample formation, there is generally the risk that the result of the mixed sample exhibits abnormalities which suggest that at least one of the materials does not meet the legal or customary limit values. Which of the materials within the composite sample causes the abnormalities is confirmed by post-testing of all materials of the composite sample. This leads to additional costs, which must be borne by the client when commissioning.


What is meant by worldwide approvals?

Achievements around the world –  through international approvals for your products. Globalization is the current keyword for your future business success. But whoever wants to bring his products to international markets and place them successfully there, needs the appropriate approvals. As diverse as the markets and products, so different are the access conditions for the individual countries. Save yourself the effort of having to get used to this wide-ranging matter. Just rely on our service. Because we are at home all over the world. We have many years of experience in the field of international product approval.